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Having fleas in your home sucks. Especially when your dog has them. As time past by, more fleas starts to occupy your home and next thing you know, there’s a flea infestation! It was a big problem in my home since my house was pretty small. The fleas started biting my ankles and all over my body. The whole house was an itch fest.

I tried everything- flea shampoo, flea collars, flea bombs, popular flea solutions like frontline, and other flea products on the market. NOTHING SEEMED TO DO THE JOB!! I was very frustrated and very itchy! I needed a solution! Then I decided to go to the vet for a solution- they would probably know. They checked my dog and a couple of hours later I was out the door with something called Comfortis.

What is Comfortis?

欧洲杯官网投注Comfortis is an animal-friendly tablet that you can give your dog to eliminate fleas and effectively prevent further infestations for a month’s time. If you’re concerned about your dog’s well-being, don’t worry as Comfortis is an FDA-approved flea product. It is also beef-flavored to ensure that your dog can enjoy it as if it were a treat. It comes as a chewable tablet available in five types or strengths of 90 mg to 425 mg for dogs and cats. For larger dogs, there are 665 mg, 1040 mg, and 1620 mg tablets available. The product also has a shelf life of three years. Fleas are dead within 1 hour of administering Comfortis.

Does Comfortis Kill Ticks

欧洲杯官网投注No. It is designed to kill fleas only. If you are looking for a solution that kills fles AND ticks, then you should .

Where can I buy Comfortis locally?

If you don’t have a retailer or a veterinarian anywhere near your area, you can get Comfortis online — fast and easy. Most orders can usually be shipped within the same week of purchase, and it saves you from additional veterinarian fees! Even if you have the capability to purchase it from a local vet, you still need to keep coming back just to resupply your stock and pay the vet visit fee. With Online, you can even order for up to 6 months’ worth of supply from a trusted online pet pharmacy. I’ve used them for over 3 years now and had no issues with my order and support has been an A+ in my books.


Where can I buy Comfortis for cats?

欧洲杯官网投注If you have a cat at home, Comfortis also manufactures tablets designed for felines. You can also buy them online from trusted resellers and websites. Be sure to visit the official product website and verify the authenticity of resellers before buying to avoid getting counterfeit products. Fortunately, many online sellers of Comfortis for dogs usually have the variants for cats on hand.

Comfortis Side Effects

Treating your pets with Comfortis may lead to certain side effects, which is why you should consult a professional vet before giving the medication to your dog. Previous users have reported incidences of vomiting, diarrhea, trembling, excessive salivation, trembling, decreased appetite, and lethargy as a result of using the product. Vomiting is the most common side effect, but documented cases show that the side effect is quite mild and usually lasts only for a short awhile.

You should take careful responsibility as the product may not be suitable for pets that may be overly-sensitive. Most cases of overdosing leads to vomiting for both cats and dogs. Overdosage should be avoided by following the recommended weight-dosage ratio and advice of your local veterinarian.

Comfortis vs Bravecto vs Nexgard Comparison




Kills Adult Fleas?YesYesYes
Kills Flea Eggs?NoNoNo
Kills Ticks?NoYesYes
DosageOnce Per monthOnce Every 3 MonthsOnce per Month
Active IngredientSpinosadFluralanerAfoxolaner
Average Time to Kill Fleas?Up to 1 hr but may take 24 hoursUp to 24 HoursUp to 24 Hours
ProsFast and Reliable in killing fleasKills fleas and ticks; Last longKills Fleas and ticks
Consdoes not kill ticksQuite new on the market; effectiveness in comparison to Comfortis is still being testedCan be a hit and miss with killing fleas and ticks
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Comfortis Active ingredients

欧洲杯官网投注The active ingredient or substance found in Comfortis is called spinosad, which is composed of spinosyn A and spinosyn D. It acts as an insecticide that shuts down the flea’s nervous system. It works by activating nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the flea’s body, which leads to their death. Dogs and cats can immediately absorb spinosyn A and D after oral ingestion, but the effects are felt more rapidly in dogs, based on studies. Spinosad can remain active for four weeks, which is why a single dosage is enough to protect your pet for whole month.

Is Comfortis safe?

欧洲杯官网投注Comfortis had undergone several clinical studies, and had received FDA-approval before being released to the public. The use of Comfortis should be safe as long as the tablet of the proper strength is administered to your pet, depending on their weight. It is recommended to provide your pet with a meal immediately after feeding the tablet, particularly for pets that are at least 14 weeks of age.

Comfortis may pose a risk for pets with epilepsy, those weighing less than 1.3 kg, or are classified as breeding or pregnant, which is why the discretion of a vet is important. The product should not be taken concurrently with other veterinary products to avoid the possibility of adverse reactions. Of course, the tablet is formulated for cats and dogs, so people are strongly advised not to ingest the tablet, whether deliberately or accidentally. Owners should wash their hands thoroughly after feeding their pets with the medicine. It should be kept away from the reach of minors as it can lead to adverse effects on the body.


I am a happy customer when it comes to using Comfortis. I’ve told all my friends and family about it and they’ve pretty much agree with how effective it is compared to the old flea solutions on the market. Nexgard doesn’t compare to Comfortis when it comes to killing fleas-  and as for Bravecto, I have no reason to try anything new for now. Don’t fix what isn’t broken as the saying goes! so I stick to what works.

欧洲杯官网投注Please consult with your veterinarian for what is the best option for you pet.

欧洲杯官网投注thanks for checking out my review!